Host a Private Event

GlitterBug hosts make an average of $350 per event!

Everyone loves a party. How would you like to get together with your friends to socialize, have fun and get paid at the same time?   The more friends you invite, the more gold they bring, and the more money you’ll make.  Your Gold Buyer will partner with you and provide everything you need to make your event a hit.

How does it work?

  • You invite your friends to bring their gold jewelry
    (even old, broken, tangled items).
  • While you’re having fun, we’ll test and weigh each
    piece to determine the value.
  • Everyone receives immediate payment.

It's THAT easy!   Just fill out our interest form below and you’ll hear from us within 24 hours. You can also give us a call at (949) 461-9191 if that’s easier.